Land Resources Conservation is one of the four technical departments of Machinga ADD.

Machinga ADD covers one of the eight major agro-ecological zones in Malawi. It is located in the Southern Region of the country. It constitutes four administrative districts of Balaka, Mangochi, Machinga and Zomba and borders with Blantyre ADD in the South and Lilongwe ADD to the North.

Machinga ADD’s unique resource is abundant fresh waters and associated fisheries; the ADD’s stretch engulfs the southern tip of Lake Malawi which is renowned for being a major breeding area for catch fish in the country. It also entirely covers lakes Malombe, Chilwa and Chiuta, as well as a reasonable proportion of the Shire river. Many other smaller rivers such as Rivirivi, Domasi, Likangala are also present.


For the department to execute its programmes and activities to attain its mission, it has the following structure namely:

·        Chief Land resource Conservation Officer (CLRCO) (1).

·        Principal Land resource Conservation Officer (PLRCO) (1).

·        Senior Land resource Conservation Officer (SLRCO) (1).

·        Chief Draughtsman (1).

·        Senior Draughtsman (1).

·        Draughtsmen (2).


Among major challenges of land productivity in Machinga ADD are rainfall unreliability and land degradation. In Balaka, parts of Mangochi and Machinga, districts the ADD experiences erratic rainfall and excessively hot temperatures, both of which adversely affect crop and livestock productivity. Deforestation, poor land husbandry practices such as cultivation of fragile areas including steep hill sides and along riverbanks, on the other hand, have contributed to massive erosion, siltation of rivers and other water bodies and consequent flooding during peak rainfall periods during the past few decades.



Our vision is 'An ADD with reduced land degradation'.



Our mission statement is 'To promote the efficient, divesified and sustainable use of land based resources for both agriculture and other uses inorder to avoid sectoral land use conflicts and ensure sustainable socio-econimic growth and development'.



The mandate of the Land Resources Conservation Department (LRCD) at Machinga ADD is 'To create awareness to farmers and the general public on the scarcity and vulnerability of the land-based natural resources and provide guidance on the need and strategies to conserve them strong'.