Towards sustained fish supply and excellent fisheries and aquaculture delivery services


 ‘To promote sustainable fisheries production and development by fisher folk by providing conducive framework conditions and excellent services in order to achieve food and nutrition security, poverty reduction and economic growth for the benefit of present and future generations’  


To develop, protect and conserve the national fish heritage of Malawi through appropriate control mechanisms 


 To plan, manage and develop the fisheries industry in Malawi


The duty and responsibility of the Department remains the protection of the existing fish resources by carrying out appropriate research in both capture fisheries and aquaculture, Promotion of fisheries extension and training services. The Department is also responsible for planning and development of fisheries projects, programs and activities.

Specifically the Department performs the following functions:

¨     Carrying out fisheries research on various water bodies;

¨     Disseminate research information necessary for proper exploitation, management, conservation of biodiversity and investment in fisheries;

¨     Development of capacity, knowledge and skills by providing appropriate training programmes for   both user communities and the Department;

¨     Planning, monitoring, evaluating and coordinating departmental and project activities;

¨     Promoting fish production from small holder and large scale fish farming operations;

¨     Prohibiting the introduction of live exotic fish species unless and until scientific evidence justifies otherwise;

¨     Fostering greater community involvement in resources management to improve effectiveness and appropriateness of management initiatives;

¨     Monitoring and where appropriate controlling the exploitation of fish directing and regulating production within maximum sustainable limits for each fishery; and

¨     Formulating laws and using them to safeguard the resources from any other threat.

¨     collection of fish statistics and application of appropriate control mechanisms

Organisational Structure

For effective implementation of its programmes, the Department has four divisions, namely:

Fisheries Planning and Development Division

Fisheries Extension and Training Division

Fisheries Research Division

General  Administrative Support Division