Agriculture Sector Wide Approach – Support Project (ASWAp-SP)
Project Description

ASWAp is a prioritized and harmonized agricultural investment framework    towards 
the achievement of the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MDGS),    the country’s National Development Strategy.  The 
framework provides a platform for donor support harmonization  in the agricultural sector.  In particular, it provides a process  through which growth  and wealth creation, an objective of the MDGS will   be  achieved. MGDS II has targeted agriculture as the driver of economic   growth and recognizes that developing the sector is one of the pre-requisites   for economic growth and wealth creation.  ASWAp, therefore, offers a   strategy for supporting priority activities in the agricultural sector with a   view   to increase agricultural productivity and make Malawi a hunger free   nation,   enable people access nutritious foods and increase the contribution   of  agro-   processing to economic growth.

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