Land Distribution for Lilongwe ADD in hectares

Lilongwe ADD

over 1,194,949 ha

Land Coverage

Lilongwe West
Lilongwe East

Land Size

Lilongwe ADD land Size


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Crops Grown

These crops are grown in all the districts of the ADD

Livestock Reared

These livestock are found in the districts of the ADD

2017 Lilongwe ADD Weather Situation

The ADD experienced warm to hot and sometimes very hot during the day and night hours and winds blowing from different direction since inception of the summer season. The skies were clear to partly cloudy and cloudy in some days. Winds were light to moderate and blowing from different directions. The ADD experienced some dry spells for about three weeks from mid-December to first week of January. This has affected crop development and mild wilting of maize and other crops was observed. 


  • The ADD started receiving effective planting rains from November, 2017  in all the districts.The ADD, however, experienced a two week dry spell in Golomoto,Mtakataka, Mayani,Linthipe and Kaphuka EPAs in Dedza and Manjawira, Bilira and Sharpe Vale in Ntcheu district. Generally, the onset of rains this season has been earlier than same time last year but with uneven distribution.Mean rainfall recorded is 330.9 mm in 18 rain days which is...

Lilongwe ADD


Lilongwe ADD team

Mrs Sheila Kang'ombe

Program Manager


Anchor/Megafarm Programme Contacts.

Postal Address

Ministry of Agriculture, P.O Box 30134, Capital city, Lilongwe 3



+265 889 558 933

Physical Address

Megafarm Building In Kanengo - along Area 25 road, behind kanengo puma filling station