Land Distribution for Machinga ADD

Machinga ADD

1,711,713 ha

out of which 667,843 ha is arable land, 604,470 ha is the area which is unsuitable for agriculture, and 439,400 ha is covered with water.

per farming family.

Machinga ADD Map

Salima district map

Machinga ADD Map

nkhotakota map

Straitagic Objectives

  • To improve agricultural productivity.
  • To promote competitiveness of agricultural products both, locally and internationally.
  • To reduce loss of agricultural products.
  • To promote adoption of improved agricultural technologies.
  • To promote gender, HIV and AIDS mainstreaming in agricultural programs and projects.
  • To promote dietary diversification.
  • To strengthen institutional capacity for effective formulation and implementation of policies and programs.
  • To improve provision of regulatory services in the agricultural sector.
  • To improve veterinary public health services.
  • To promote land conservation.
  • To promote irrigation technologies.
  • To increase fish farming and production.


Crops Grown

These crops are grown in all the districts of the ADD

Livestock Reared

These livestock are found in the districts of the ADD


Machinga ADD team

Anchor/Megafarm Programme Contacts.

Postal Address

Ministry of Agriculture, P.O Box 30134, Capital city, Lilongwe 3



+265 889 558 933

Physical Address

Megafarm Building In Kanengo - along Area 25 road, behind kanengo puma filling station