Minimum farm gate prices for strategic crops for the 2022/23 agricultural season

Minimum farm gate prices for strategic crops for the 2022/23 agricultural season

The general public is hereby informed that Government has released minimum farm gate prices for strategic crops for the 2022/23 season as follows: 

No Crop 2022/23 Minimum price (MK/kg) 
1 Maize 500 
2 Rice-polished 1000 
3 Rice-unpolished 500 
4 Sorghum 400 
5 Finger millet 550 
6 Soya beans 800 
7 Pure beans 700 
8 Mixed beans 600 
9 White Harricot beans 650 
10 Groundnuts- shelled 950 
11 Groundnuts- unshelled 800 
12 Pigeon peas 550 
13 Cowpeas 640 
14 Bambara nuts 750 
15 Sesame 1100 
16 Sunflower 500 
17 Paprika 1040 . 
18 Chillies 1730 
19 Cassava-wet 400 
20 Cotton 




The prices are with immediate effect. All agro-dealers, agro-processors and others who deal with commodities are requested to buy the stated crop commodities at prices not less than those stipulated above. 


Licences to buy agricultural produce can be obtained from offices of Programme Managers in Karonga, Mzuzu, Kasungu, Lilongwe, Solima, Machinga, Blantyre and Shire Valley Agricultural Development Divisions and the Director of Crop Development at Ministry of Agriculture headquarters. The Applicants applying for buying licences will be required to complete application forms indicating location of their warehouses and serial numbers of scales they will use for buying the produce. All scales must be assized and certified by Malawi Bureau of Standards. 


Applicants will also be required to submit monthly returns of the quantity bought for each commodity as required by the Agriculture General Purposes Act. 1987. The returns will be submitted at the office of the Licencing Officer. 

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