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Salima agricultural development Division

Salima ADD is situated along the Central Lakeshore and it share boarders with Mzuzu ADD in the North, Kasungu ADD in the North West and Lilongwe ADD to the South and South West, while Lake Malawi lies along the Eastern border. The ADD is made up of 2 districts namely Salima and Nkhota-kota and has 14 EPAs and 157 sections. Salima ADD’s other resource of economic importance is water whose fishing activity provides a huge source of livelihoods for many farm households through fishing as well as manifesting high potential for irrigation farming, apart from acting as a tourist attraction.

Land Distribution for Salima ADD in hectares

Salima ADD

over 1,300,435 ha

Total Land Coverage

Arable Land
Under Game Reserve
Water covered by Lake Malawi

Salima District EPA's

Salima district map

Nkhotakota District Map

nkhotakota map


Salima district farming households


Nkhotakota district farming households


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    The vision for the ADD is “An ADD with sustained food Security and reduced poverty”


    “To increase agricultural productivity through sustainable use of natural resources by encouraging agricultural enterprise diversification and utilization of appropriate technologies in order to achieve food security and increase incomes thereby contributing to poverty reduction in the ADD”


    The overall objective of the ADD is to increase yields of farm enterprises for increased production thereby ensuring food and income security at household level.

Specifically, the ADD aims are:

    To promote farmer access to and use of recommended farm inputs.

    To promote labour-saving technologies

    To promote dietary diversification

    To increase and sustain land productivity for agriculture and other uses

    To increase contact with male and female farmers using appropriate and well-targeted messages through farmer groups, farmer clubs, farmer cooperatives and farmer associations

    To strengthen research – farmer linkage mechanisms such as participation in field days, research project meetings, and research extension priority setting sessions

    To promote irrigation, food and nutrition as well as land resource conservation technologies and integrate crop and livestock production in farming systems

    To conduct extension campaigns, agriculture shows, tours, field days and meetings in order to bring awareness to farmers and staff on new recommended practices

    To ensure joint and coordinated planning, implementation and monitoring of all activities

    To mainstream gender, HIV and AIDS in the implementation of all agricultural programmes

    To supplement extension staff shortage with identification and training of lead farmers especially in Mindandanda, clusters, Model villages with an emphasis on vacant sections

    To Increase livestock production and management at household level

Salima ADD team

Anchor/Megafarm Programme Contacts.

Postal Address

Ministry of Agriculture, P.O Box 30134, Capital city, Lilongwe 3



+265 889 558 933

Physical Address

Megafarm Building In Kanengo - along Area 25 road, behind kanengo puma filling station