Welcome to the official Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development

The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development (MOAIWD) is one of the key ministries in the Malawi Government. Agriculture, being the mainstay of the country’s economy, makes the Ministry prominent in Malawi society in general, and in its contribution to the economy in particular.The Ministry is organized in 7 technical Departments namely Agriculture Extension Services, Crops Development, Animal Health and Industry, Agriculture Research, Agriculture Planning Services, Land Resource and Conservation, and Fisheries. The Ministry also includes Irrigation and Water Development, the government institution responsible for the water sub-sector.

Have a look at our Food Security Policy


A nation that enjoys food security and sustainable agricultural growth and development.


To promote agricultural productivity and sustainable management of land resources to achieve food security, increased incomes and ensure sustainable socio-economic growth.


To promote and accelerate broad-based, sustainable agricultural development policies to enhance economic growth and contribute to poverty reduction.