Department of Animal Health and Development

Animal Health and Livestock Development (DAHLD)

DAHLD has three technical sections; Animal Production, Field Services and Diagnostic Research and Investigation. The Department also runs a referral central veterinary laboratory and two regional laboratories which conduct research, investigate and diagnoses animal diseases. It also operates Livestock farms/multiplication centers which keep improved animal genetic materials and act as training units for staff and farmers on good animal husbandry practices.

Major Programmes

The main livestock programmes being implemented by the department include:

  • Broadening of livestock ownership through livestock pass-on initiatives

  • Dairy Development programme through: Provision of Artificial Insemination services, Promotion of milk bulking groups, and cooperatives and Value addition,

  • Veterinary Science Training

  • Smallholder Poultry Improvement programme through production and distribution of Six Week Black Austrolop;

  • Recapitalization of government farms

  • Animal Health and Disease Control through: Tick and Tick-borne disease control measures, Production of I-2 Newcastle Disease Vaccine, Foot and Mouth Disease control, Surveillance of other notifiable animal diseases and Rabies Control

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