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About Us

The Ministry of Agriculture is one of the key ministries in the Malawi Government. Agriculture, being the mainstay of the country’s economy, makes the Ministry prominent in Malawi society in general, and in its contribution to the economy in particular.The Ministry is organized in 6 technical Departments namely Agriculture Extension Services, Crops Development, Animal Health and Livestock Development, Agriculture Research, Agriculture Planning Services as well as Land Resource Conservation. The Ministry also includes Irrigation as the government institution responsible for the irrigation sector and has the Principal Secretary solely designated to oversee irrigation matters.

Ministry of Agriculture

  • Vision

    A nation that enjoys increased agricultural productivity and ensures food security and sustainable agricultural growth and development

  • Mission

    To promote and facilitate strides that increase agricultural productivity and sustain good management and efficient use of land based natural resources to ensure food security and increased income

  • Mandate

    The Ministry is mandated to promote and accelerate broad-based, sustainable agricultural development policies that enhance economic growth and contribute to poverty reduction

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Postal Address

Ministry of Agriculture, P.O Box 30134, Capital city, Lilongwe 3



+265 889 558 933

Physical Address

Megafarm Building In Kanengo - along Area 25 road, behind kanengo puma filling station