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Anchor Megafarm Program

Malawi launched its new development vision, Malawi 2063, in January 2021. This is the nation’s blueprint for achieving the goal of becoming an inclusively wealthy and self-reliant nation by 2063. Malawi 2063 is anchored on three pillars: Agriculture Productivity and Commercialization, Industrialization and Urbanization. This vision is operationalized in ten-year phases, the first of which is currently being implemented as the Malawi Implementation Plan (MIP 1: 2021- 2030).

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Agriculture Productivity and Commercialization Priority Areas

The objective of the Agriculture Productivity and Commercialization pillar is to have an optimally productive and commercialized agricultural sector and the MIP-1 will focus on the following priority areas in which the game changing interventions are embedded

  • 1


  • 2

    Anchor farms model

  • 3

    Structured markets

  • 4

    Agriculture inputs

  • 5

    Farm mechanization

  • 6

    Irrigation development

  • 7

    Research & technology

  • 8

    Financial resources

  • 9

    Skilled human resource

Anchor/Megafarm Programme Contacts.

Postal Address

Ministry of Agriculture, P.O Box 30134, Capital city, Lilongwe 3



+265 889 558 933

Physical Address

Megafarm Building In Kanengo - along Area 25 road, behind kanengo puma filling station